Bronze Service


    • Full safety check 
    • Gears tuned and mechanical brakes adjusted (excludes bleed of hydraulics)
    • General clean



  • Full safety check.
  • Gear cables replaced and gears
  • tuned.
  • Brake cables replaced
  • ( or brake bleed) and brakes adjusted.
  • All bolts torqued and tune up.
  • Deep clean and oil replacement
  • of drive train
  • Deep clean of the bike



  • Full safety check.
  • Full nut and bolt strip down, degrease ,clean and re-grease.
  • Mech and Chain safety check, degrease, clean and re-grease.
  • Replace all cables.
  • Brake bleed if required.
  • Gear tuning
  • Wheel true if required

Additional services

Hydraulic brake bleed £40

Hydraulic brake bleed front and rear.
If pads are required these will be at an additional cost. Cost dependent on the quality of pads required.
Most pads carried in stock.

Out of the box build
£30 Upto 24" wheel
£35 from 26" upward 

Bought a bike online?
This service is a complete build and set up.

Tube replacement £15

Inner tube replacement.
Price includes tube, brake & gears tuned if replacing a rear.

For any other repair, please contact the shop for a custom quote.