FLR F-15.III Road Shoe in Matt Black


Lighter, stiffer, more comfortable: the new F-15.III has arrived. It starts with a secure ratcheting buckle that offers precise fit adjustment, while an offset strap (D-ring) at mid-foot conforms to your foot "like a glove". Third Velcro strap provides even pressure without pinching or bunching.

The R250 outsole is built with outstanding full-length arch support and won't pack out over time. The tongue is well padded, distributing even pressure and the 2-density composite insole absorbs road vibrations - all coming together to make the F-15.III one of the most comfortable shoes out there.

  • Breathable lining
  • Buckle & 2 Velcro fastening for precise adjustment
  • Breathable tongue holes
  • Mesh windows for ventilation
  • R250 outsole
  • Grip straps for easy opening
Footbed: molded EVA, breathable and removable
Upper: high quality, breathable synthetic fibre with strong ventilated nylon mesh
Cleat: compatible with C-20, C-30 cleat series and all 3-bolt systems

What is an R250 Road Outsole?

The new injected fibreglass R250 Outsole is designed to have the perfect balance of stiffness, weight and comfort, providing you with great power transfer without compromising blood circulation.

The R250 Outsole is equipped with two non-slip treads for safe walking and a vent port at the front for consistent cooling during your entire ride.

The R250 Outsole uses a 12mm 3-hole drilling pattern for compatibility with the best pedal systems available. This provides an additional 5mm of cleat adjustability as well as the Look Memory Eyelet for easy cleat alignment and replacement.

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